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While construction and project management is the main focus, security of material and personnel is an equally important aspect construction security services

The construction industry is booming. There is construction happening almost everywhere in India. Whilst construction and project management is the main focus, security of material and personnel is an equally important aspect that supports and enables timely completion of construction projects.

The risks on a construction site vary - from unauthorised access, material thefts and pilferages, construction material movements in or out, safety of personnel working on the site, day to day security and discipline issues, and untoward incidents management.

Construction site security services are a lot more important than many people would realise. Some avoidable incidents on the construction site can put the whole project to a grinding halt. Security is thus needed in form of supervised perimeter patrols, material and human loss prevention, monitoring construction equipment, an efficient response mechanism, site traffic control arrangements, workers access control, and a lot more.

It is necessary to have a professional, custom-built security organisation in place to enable the construction and project activity to run as planned. Manksa considers building site security in Delhi to be a specialised task, which needs to work under direct control of Project Manager. Every construction site has its unique nuances and we need to customise the security matrix that serves and meets those specific needs.

The security establishment process kicks off with a joint meeting and briefing with Project Manager and Site Manager at the premises. In this meeting, we agree on the probable risks, security arrangements to mitigate those risks and develop site-specific security apparatus that delivers efficiently. We would then come up with an integrated security plan and procedures. This would include a manpower plan, electronic surveillance plan, supervision and monitoring, perimeter patrols, daily standard procedures, emergency response plan, escalation matrix etc. Maybe you would need an armed construction security guard (if there were precious stores) or a female guard (if there are female workers onsite).

Once we sign off the Integrated Security Plan, we pick the right man for the right job. Some are good at controlling traffic, others may suit working as construction site security guards better. And then begins onsite training for the premises-specific procedures, emergencies, and operations. Previous experience will only help so much on a new site - so they all need to refreshed as per new requirements of a site.

What is included in Pre Deployment Training.

  1. Areas that have to be patrolled and the required frequency of the patrols.
  2. Electronic surveillance & monitoring.
  3. Risks and Hazards at site.
  4. Vulnerability of materials and equipment that are prone to thefts.
  5. Authorised Access control procedures and documentation.
  6. Rehearse site emergency procedures such as dealing with various scenarios that may occur on the site.
  7. Traffic routes, checks, controls and procedures.
  8. Necessary soft skills for sensitive visitors.

Our job does not end with providing manpower, this is where it actually begins. Unlike most construction site security guard companies, we place high importance on providing management support and supervision from a security perspective. Our surprise check teams and flying squads ensure that employees are alert and performing their duties to the desired standards. This assumes even more importance during the night shifts.

Our quality check team regularly visits the sites. These special teams serve many purposes, not just performing checks on our employees. We constantly support and mentor them, help them to perform better at their jobs, build relationship and encourage them to excel at whatever their duties are. Over the last few years, this approach has always delivered a well-motivated team, thus ensuring a higher level of construction security services at the site.

Areas We Service

Manksa can provide reputable construction site security services in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad and the surrounding area.