10 Signs That Your Business Needs a Security Guard

It may seem like an unnecessary expense but hiring a security guard could be one of the best decisions you make for your business. Whilst modern security systems are a great way to track what went wrong following a break-in or robbery, technology can only do so much when it comes to stopping an incident that is already underway. If you’re considering hiring a guard, but you’re on the fence, these are 10 signs that suggest you could definitely benefit from a physical presence.

Business Needs a Security Guard

  1. There is a high crime rate in your area
    Though a break in isn’t guaranteed if you’re located in a high crime area, you run a much higher risk of any incident.
  1. You’re experiencing retail theft
    A well-trained security guard can take the steps needed to deter and accost any potential shoplifters, which will save you money in losses. In fact, any retail business can benefit from the presence of a guard.
  1. You have an unattended carpark
    Unattended carparks can be accessed by anyone and are often the setting for vandalism and muggings, particularly at night. Patrolling the carpark can ensure both your staff and customers get to their cars safely.
  1. Your business serves alcohol
    Alcohol is a very easy way to quickly increase your likelihood of an incident occurring, especially physical altercations. The presence of a guard can help prevent incidents from escalating.
  2. Anyone can enter your building
    In this instance, a security guard can monitor anyone entering your building, check people in, and hand out IDs – meaning only those with a need to enter the building are able to.
  1. You have liability concerns
    After making a claim following a break-in or other incidents, your insurance company may require you to take measures to prevent any reoccurrences.
  1. You have record-keeping concerns
    By keeping a record of day-to-day events, including any injuries and incidents, can help protect the business from any liability claims. Your guard will be in charge of keeping these records.
  1. You have safety concerns
    Unless you’re a trained security guard, you likely don’t have the knowledge needed to spot potential issues. If you already think you have two or three problem areas, in reality, you’ll have many more.
  2. Your current safety program isn’t sufficient
    Depending on the size of your business, you may already have security personal. However, this may not be enough to cover your current needs, as one person can’t be everywhere at once.
  3. You need help in emergency situations
    Not just for security issues, guards are trained to manage a range of emergencies, including medical issues and evacuations.

Alarms, CCTV and access control systems act as an excellent deterrent, and can be a great way to assess where things went wrong following any incidents that may occur, but they simply can’t take the place of a security guard. If you’ve experienced any of the 10 concerns that we’ve listed above, then get in touch with our expert team today